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Bottomless Brunch

Bottomless Brunch

Since I got home from Bali a week ago I have decided to get my butt in shape (figuratively and literally). I’ve been going to the gym almost everyday, no snacky crap food and decided that I am still allowed ONE cheat day a week, I think that’s fair.

Me and my friends decided to have a catch up over a boozy brunch. I’ve been to the Jam Tree in Clapham Common before for brunch and thought we should go there again. It’s not one of those brunches you pay for and then they never really give you the alcohol, believe me! Bottle after bottle our table was filled with Prosecco with it rarely running dry.


The menu though is not particularly my favourite as there isn’t a huge variety of options and it is simply just brunch and one or two burger options. I know that might sound stupid hence the title of the event but you can get brunches which serve other food as well. The food was so-so, I had the full english and it tasted delicious but my friends who had salmon and eggs didn’t seem to enjoy it so much.


Nonetheless we had a really good day and soon became the entertainment factor for the room when my friend decided to get everyone up singing ‘if you’re happy and you know it’. After two hours of non-stop drinking our eyes were hazy, voices louder and walking a little messier! We headed just up the road to No32 Old Town (one of my favourite places if you want good cocktails – especially in the Summer) and drank the night away.


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