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Cardiff Christmas Markets

Cardiff Christmas Markets

My sleep pattern is so in sync lately I’ve started waking up at 6am on the weekends without my work alarm even having to play it’s part. While this has it’s benefits through the week, after a heavy night of drinking and going to bed a lot later than usual I would assume my body would sleep in a bit longer.

After a bright and early wake up Saturday and far too little sleep I headed to get my hair done before the big day. (I mean the beginning of the Autumn Internationals not someones wedding!) I am super indecisive when it comes to hair colours and despite trying to get bright blonde ends it always turns yellow, typical right?

So this time I opted for something a little more Autumnal – a little late I know. I scrapped the blonde and got rose gold/copper. Not only does it look a lot better but it’s a bit more in theme for the Welsh game. I mean, yellow hair and Australia playing… needed to change that haha.

Me and my partner Max headed into Cardiff around 2pm so we had chance to look around the Christmas markets before we had to venture to a pub to watch the game unfold.

We picked up a pint from the Bavarian village and made our way around the stalls. We didn’t get very far before we bumped into my mum and sister, weird coincidence. Or, maybe they followed us?!

We all sat down for a quick drink and a catch up inside the small, wooden pop up bar. Surprisingly it was quite warm inside considering there were no doors locking out the brisk, wet weather. The music was also rather surprising. You’d expect maybe a Christmas genre? Not necessarily Christmas songs but you get what I mean. No, instead some old school R’n’B, not that I am complaining.

After finishing our drinks we said our goodbyes and we took a second attempt at looking around the stalls with no distractions.

I don’t know what the best thing is about Christmas markets… maybe it’s that I just love markets in general! I am a sucker for finding unusual presents that are extremely well crafted.

Or the fact that it was just so Christmassy (I know that’s not a word!) with all the decorations covering the stores exterior and the bright lights capturing onlookers attentions. Orrr the passion and enthusiasm from the sellers. I admire how much they interact with the customers like getting us to taste some of their produce or smell their beautifully handcrafted soaps.

I mean, the list really does go on and on but you get the picture right?

The streets turned from mayhem to silence and that meant one thing – rugby time. Now if you’ve never been to Wales on a match day, it’s definitely a must. I’ve watched the rugby all over the world but nothing compares to watching it in Cardiff (not being biased). I think it’s because it’s such a small country and everyone gathers in one place, there’s so many places to watch it and the patriotism is just amazing.

Also, where else has such good props? Sheep hats, dragon hats, leekes, daffodils… you pick! The pub was full of singing welsh fans all dressed up ready to go. The game was super intense with numerous highs and lows but unfortunately the outcome for Wales was a loss, better luck next time hey?

After the game finished we walked back through the Bavarian village not to miss out on a much needed Currywurst. The streets were once again alive, the atmosphere had not dampened because of the rugby result but instead, in true Welsh spirit, the drinking, laughing and partying continued.

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