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Mothers Day Meals!

Mothers Day Meals!

This weekend my parents popped by for the night to celebrate Mothers Day. There is a small, quaint Italian restaurant in Battersea Square called Melanzana and after my mum had heard my rave about it for so long, I thought we would go there.

I first went to Melanzana on my first date with Max and now we make frequent trips there. With my mum being half Italian and the majority of our family still living in Italy we are use to proper authentic Italian food and that is exactly what this is.


To start with, the waiters are fantastic and always go above and beyond to make your dinner the best possible. A lot of the waiters are actually Italian which gives it that extra touch to make you feel like you really are in a small village somewhere in Italy.

Next up the food… I absolutely ADORE the pasta arrabbiata there, I have it every time I go – adventurous right! I have tried my friends food and family each time I’ve gone but nothing seems to sway me to change my main course. That being said, everything I have ever tried there has been delicious.

DSC_0065.jpgDSC_0076.jpgNext up, Sunday brunch. On our walk around Wandsworth we stumbled across a place called Brew. I have never been here before, I’ve passed it many times and heard great things but never actually been in.

IMG_8722.jpgIMG_8727We decided to give it a shot after seeing the picturesque food being served. We grabbed ourselves a seat outside in the surprisingly beautiful sunshine and ordered up some morning grub. The menus were designed stunningly with bright, bold colours, big eye-catching images and fantastic typography.

DSC_0115.jpgIMG_8725.jpgI opted for the poached eggs as I am currently obsessing with eggs. With your main course you can get two sides for £7 – an offer I didn’t want to turn down. I added on some halloumi and chorizo. We all had something different and each one tasted as delightful as they looked.

IMG_8728.jpgDSC_0117.jpgAfter a heavenly night and morning of outstanding food my parents headed back to Wales to spend the rest of Mothers Day with my sister.
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