Weekend In Bath Spa

Weekend In Bath Spa

I woke up early Saturday ready for my morning drive to Bath. Usually I leave the city Friday night and it can be a little bit of a pain as everyone seems to want to escape from the madness for the weekend. Saturday was extremely different though, there were basically no cars on the road and no road works or distractions. We got to Bristol in about two hours where I met my sister and her fiancé. Bridie (my sister) jumped into my car and Max went into Ioans (Bridie’s fiancé). The boys headed to Wales for a weekend of drinking and beach walks.

Me and my sister then headed to Bath to meet up with my mum and her best friend Claire. We arrived at around 11am and headed out straight away to enjoy the beautiful sunshine that is surprising us all currently. Bath is breath-taking, it’s wonderful stone buildings and the sweet sound of buskers fill the cobbled streets . We got a few drinks outside and enjoyed the sun and some lunch – Italian obviously – before having a stroll around the shops.

With Italy and Mexico coming up it was only right that I bought some holiday bits right? Going from shop to shop trying to find bikinis and swimsuits I finally found ones I liked in Boux Avenue. I then picked up a straw hat and a gorgeous white lace dress from French Connection. Now all I want to do is wear them straight away, I am always so impatient. (I’ve put them to one side safe for holidays don’t worry).

Shopping is surprisingly a lot of exercise, I mean walking from door to door and carrying heavy bags (basically weights). Me and Bridie dropped our stuff off at the hotel and had a quick shower and change before heading to the pub across the road for a quick drink as we waited for the other two to get ready.

Now the next place is one of my favourite parts of the weekend – Thai Tapas. We had already booked to take my mother and Claire for dinner a few weeks ago and we found this place called Koh online which we thought sounded a little different. We got there and the food was one of the nicest Thai meals I have ever had in the UK. I think I can say that having lived in Thailand for a few weeks and had authentic food daily.

The food ranged in flavours and spices. First off there was a tapas starters section and then there were all the curries as either mains or tapas dishes. We ordered three tapas curries and four started tapas dishes alongside a spicy chicken rice, pad thai and garlic pork noodles. Every dish was available with your choice of meat or fish. There was more than enough food for the four of us and there was not one dish that wasn’t as mouth-watering as the previous. The thought of this place now is literally making me so hungry!!!

This was my first real trip to Bath and if I hadn’t have enjoyed it I would have still gone back just for this one restaurant. Thankfully, I loved Bath too. The food was also very well priced, for all the food and cocktails we paid around £25 each.

Our last stop for the night was the Ciroc bar which was £5 to get in and had a really nice vibe inside. It had music in the background but you could still sit down and have a few drinks and conversation which was perfect for us. I think the sun and shopping had definitely tired us out so we retired to bed.

The next morning we woke up early, went down to the buffet breakfast and then ventured to the Bath spa with the rooftop pool. Unfortunately we had tried to book online and there was no hope so we just turned up. Although when we got there the queue looked around an hour long and we didn’t want to waste a day in the sun queuing. Instead we headed over to the Roman Spas and walked around the lovely cultural ruins. We chilled beside the water for a bit enjoying the unusual British weather, not that I’m complaining. 

Our last stop for our short but sweet trip to Bath was Afternoon Tea in our hotel – The Hilton in Bath Centre. My mother is doing lent and gave up bread so they kindly made her a lovely salad instead. Also me being a picky eater I opted for all ham sandwiches which didn’t seem to be a problem to them at all. Usually when I have Afternoon Tea there are a few bits that I don’t like but all of the food was delicious. It was accompanied by a lovely glass of sparkling wine and river views.

The weekend came to an end and I drove back to Bristol to pick up Max (who was very hungover) where we then headed back to the hectic city life. Now onto next weekend.. Venice!!!!


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