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Day Trip: Durdle Door

Day Trip: Durdle Door

Sometimes I just love last minute plans. This was one occasion when my last minute plans seamlessly went together. It was Friday night and I decided to jump in the car with Max and head down to the South coast.

I’ve always wanted to visit Durdle Door and other landmarks along that coastline and we had the whole weekend free to be spontaneous and go on a mini adventure. The coast is only two hours away from our house and we arrived there late on Friday night.

We stopped at a pub just 20 minutes away from the coast and stayed the night for some food, drinks and a comfy warm bed. Then at 4am we woke up to catch the sunrise.

Durdle door sunrise with a girl

Luckily we were so close it wasn’t too much effort to drag ourselves out of bed to the car and the route there gave us a chance to wake up. As we parked the car up the sun was almost on the horizon. The walk in the morning to Durdle Door is only about 30 minutes, during the day it’s about 10 minutes as you can get into the campsite car park.

Man o War beach cove
Durdle door close up to beach

Either way the morning, fresh air was crisp and beautiful. The sky was clear and the wind was subtle. We walked down to the beach and had the whole place to ourselves to watch the pastel sky rise over this wonderful landmark.

Sunrise at Man o War with girl
Boy on the beach for sunrise
Coastline of Durdle Door

It was my first time to Durdle door but it definitely won’t be my last. This place quickly become one of my favourite spots to visit in the UK.

Durdle door girl in the archway
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