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Mallorca: Girls Trip

Mallorca: Girls Trip

My mum and I decided to go on a last minute trip to Mallorca for a couple of days to soak in some sun, and basically chill out!

From beaches to architecture, cocktails to hidden bars and peaceful sunrises to hectic tourist swimming.. this holiday was the break we needed.

I’ve been to Mallorca many times when I was younger but we’ve usually stayed in the more touristy sections (or a girls holiday to Magaluf). It was lovely this time to explore the old town, mountain scenes and street markets and really see what Mallorca has to offer.

The perfect mix of beach and mountains.


Top places to visit in Mallorca Old Town - Bar Abaco - the most idyllic secret bar located right in Mallorca Old Town, you aren’t allowed to take photos but you will definitely enjoy the extravagant interior

Basically any tapas restaurant - we walked around for about 40 minutes trying to decided which one to go to as they all offer slightly different but the truth is, out of all the ones we tried the food was delicious. All the others were packed and we heard many good things.

Pen-Y-Fan Hike

Pen-Y-Fan Hike

Slovenia: Birthday Surprise

Slovenia: Birthday Surprise