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Road Trip: Germany

Road Trip: Germany

Right, this isn’t the best way to start but I’m going to do it to get it out of the way. Note to self: Remind me to NEVER take the French highways again in a campervan. Wondering why? Simple, the road says 4 hours but the truth is at campervan speed its about 8 hours of boring (yes very good and very fast in a car) roads. Also don’t even get me started on the toll roads… I can’t even.

Next time I am 100% detouring through Belgium down to Germany for at least some more interesting views and less toll roads.

Now, enough of me being a negative Nancy and lets get onto all the amazing things that Germany had to offer on our road trip around Europe.


We rocked up to the Black Forest for our first stop and was greeted by a wonderful sunset over the fields along with some sort of sports festival going on right outside our campsite. We didn’t really do much but wash, sleep and eat that night as we had an early morning ahead but the next day we ventured through the Black Forest down to Neuschwanstein Castle.

We stopped at many places along the way, mainly just little look outs or cute forests we came across on our way through the mountains. One place we stopped at was Lake Titisee. We seen it on the map as we were driving past and decided to hop out of the camper and jump into a boat instead.

Lake Titisee is a super cute lake surrounded by the quaintest German village. It’s definitely worth stopping and having a wander around if you’re in the area.


As we got closer and closer to Neuschwanstein Castle the thunder and lightening got worse and worse. When we were only around 15 minutes away the queue coming back the other way was extremeeee.. Not only due to the weather but also it was the semi finals of the football so you can imagine the queue.

Much to our delight, when we got there the car park was almost empty. Yes it was still raining but a little rain never hurt anyone so we scrambled up the hill to get to the lookout over the castle where we were one of three groups that were actually up there.

One of the Canadian women told us that about 1 hour before when they were up there the bridge was so jam packed that you could barely walk on or across it, so I was super happy the rain was on our side to clear the paths!

The way down was pretty eventful as we somehow too the wrong path and ended up just trying to make our way through bushes and trees. We jumped back in the camper, soaking but ecstatic that I’d got to see my new favourite castle in such peace.


Neuschwanstein Castle is seriously a dream, it’s straight out of a fairytale (it is after all what Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is based on) and to see it with barely anyone around was an awesome treat.

SIDE NOTE - Best things about having a campervan, having all your clothes with you at all times!

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