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Road Trip: Switzerland

Road Trip: Switzerland

Our final stop of our road trip was Switzerland. I have always looked at photos of Switzerland and dreamed about the day I would visit - and that day had finally come!

The dramatic mountain landscapes, bright turquoise waters and even the most magical infinity pool up high in the mountains.


Things To Do:

Hotel Villa Honegg - We done the 4 hours spa appointment instead of staying at the hotel which was an amazing experience. You got to chill out in a heated pool, in a quiet environment and watch the world go bay.

Grindelwald - A super cute town but quite touristy. We went up the top to First which was lovely and offered breathtaking views but it’s rather expensive. If you aren’t going to the top to do the activities or eat in the restaurant, I suggest you got to the stop before and see the views from there for the extra price it’s not worth it. Or walk up!


Camping Spots:

Our favourite camping site was TCS Camping Interlaken. It was a small campsite which made it feel more homely and comfortable. When you get there they give you a free bus pass to get into the town centre and also its only a 30 minute walk along the lake to get into the town.

Also, it is RIGHT on the lake so you can go swimming in the icy cold water after a long, hot day of hiking in the sun.


Walks To Do:

Engstligen Falls - A short walk up to the waterfalls, only around 10 minutes but truly picturesque scenes. There’s a little bit of scrambling up to get closer to the waterfall but if you are happy at the base you can stay on the path. There are other walks around but we didn’t have much time to do them.

Murren - Murren is a small town on the hillside above Laterbrunnen. Laterbrunnen in general is a really quaint town situated in a valley surrounded by beautiful cliffsides and gushing waterfalls. Murren is a longer hiker, maybe around 3 hours but is really lovely. If you don’t want to walk both ways, or if you don’t want to at all you can get a cable car and train up and just wander around the town at the top.

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