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Top Tips: 5 Campervan Essentials

Top Tips: 5 Campervan Essentials

Having a campervan is a great way to tour around a country and have everything you need with you at all times. Some of the items that we found most handy were the items below:

Collapsible Washing-Up Bowl

This was such a good item to have when camping. It allows you to put all your dirty dishes in one place, carry them with ease to go and wash them and then carry them back. It is super easy to clean and collapses right down to fit into your cupboard.


Portable Gas BBQ

Is there anything better than a BBQ? I think not. But also this is a great accessory to have when you’re camping and have no electricity as you can still have your yummy hot meals overlooking epic mountain landscapes (or wherever you are).


Compact Bin

Perfect for indoors and outdoors, folds down nice and smart so it is easy to store. Also comes with peg points so you can secure it outdoors and you don’t risk it blowing away!!

Whistling Kettle

If you’re like me you need your cup of tea (poet and didn’t even know it)! This whistling kettle was a must-have on our recent trip. Holds quite a lot of water, cool handle to touch and gives you that wonderful whistling sound.. only negative is it isn’t the easiest to store.


Waterproof Playing Cards

Maybe the most important of all? What’s better than enjoying epic views with dinner and a game of cards right? These cards are perfect as they are easy to clean, hard to tear and waterproof.

Other Things

  • LED Torches

  • European Travel Kit

  • Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher and Blanket

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