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A New Chapter: Welcome Max!

A New Chapter: Welcome Max!

Good morning and Happy Friday!

I, Hannah, started this blog over a year ago to share with you all my stories, advice and thoughts on my adventures. While travelling Max, my boyfriend, has always played a key role in helping me decide destinations, experience new cultures and of course, take all my photos!

We’ve just embarked on a 6 month around the world trip and it made sense to bring Max more to the forefront. Although Max has been mentioned throughout this blog, we have decided to make this more of a joint venture.

Our devotion for travelling is ever growing and our curiosity to delve a little deeper is heightening. As we enter the next chapter of our adventure we are both going to share with you the lessons we learn, the people we meet and the highs and lows! So, WELCOME MAX!

Max The Hopeful Hitchhiker Durdle Door

With a new chapter also comes new challenges. One of the new ways we want to document our experiences is through vlogging, we have both always had a huge passion for creating content - videos, photos, stories - and here is another avenue we want to share with you.

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Lots of love,

Hannah & Max
The Hopeful Hitchhikers

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